I Spy With My Little Eyes…


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Original Acrylic Painting on Board. Size: 416 x 620mm, including black frame.                          


Willfull Wifred, the Canary, may seem reminiscent of “Sylvester and Tweetie”(as an American acquaintance has pointed out) however, he is a very unique and special character created by me. Growing up and as an adult, I have had the privilege of”owning” caged canaries and budgies and have found them to have amazing personalities, especially when freed, and having fun outside their cages. The emotional bond between human and bird cannot be underestimated.

I always like to think that wild and caged birds such as Wilfred can outwit domesticated cats that are well-fed, but would still love a small, feathery dessert to go with their multi-flavoured and enhanced meals. (Yes, I do love cats; owning two black and white ones and a lovely old dog too) I’ve portrayed “the Cat” in “I Spy …” as a ginger tabby as they have the most beautiful, self-striped, tigery coats from behind.

(PS: I hope you’ve noticed the “face” created by the bookmark acting as a tongue and the split pages as a mouth? The small table’s four legs acting as the body of a stangely weird creature, with a stretch of the imagination!).

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