Home Alone Roller Skating


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Size:406 x 610mm (16 x 24 inches). Hand-signed and numbered giclee.

Limited Edition of 50.

Home Alone Roller Skating”  features in the book “New Zealand Gallery” (2010 / page 38); compiled by Denis Robinson and published by New Holland Publishers.

Artist’s Quote: “How often have we, as pet owners, arrived back home to find some kind of mayhem or destruction and wondered how it came about as our pets look so innocent and supposedly unaware of it all? “.

Weirdly enough, quite awhile after painting “Home Alone”,  a young stray cat (who looks almost exactly like the one in my painting) turned up and became one of the family. Odder still, my wonderful, kind natured old dog was regularly accompanied on her walks down the street with the playful, cheeky cat along beside her (we didn’t train or encourage her, she just started going on the walks all by herself!




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