Earning a Crust


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Original Acrylic Painting on Board.

Size: 620 x 416mm, including black frame.


Ah, seagulls, like them or hate them, they’re always around your car if you park even remotely near the beach. Annoying and squawky, fractious with each other and constantly eye-balling you, and your car interior if possible, for culinary treats. If you do give them something … then there’s more of them! They come from far and wide, the furtherest ends of the beach, you swear!

Well, now it’s 2009 and as the Recession is biting harder, young Cecil, the seagull, is resorting to earning himself, once freely available, luxury food morsels. Not content with being on the “bread-line”, he’s bartering for treats in lieu of his car grooming services; terms of business payment clearly displayed on his sandwich board,(made using icecream sticks and other recycleables).

Innocently, Cecil’s working hard, trying to please, but unfortunately he’s lacking even basic knowledge of car grooming and product applications. Wax ‘n’ shine is definitely not for windscreens … oh oh! Will the man in the mirror, after starting the wipers up, think twice before going further to get Cecil off the bonnet of his already immaculate and expensive car, or will he take pity on him?  

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