Dear Grandma


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Size:406 x 812 mm.(16 x 32inches).Original Painting

Most of us who have a garden know that it is owned by the resident blackbird who’s quite a character. Typically, when your’e gardening and disturbing his patch, he’s busily redisturbing yours  by strutting around after you, head held high, and flicking dirt and twigs back out into your neatly broomed and groomed driveway, or flowerbed.

One day, after noticing that the next door neighbour had a birdbath, I saw his young blackbird ruling over it, flicking all the water out with such enthusiasm and joy that I just had to try and capture the sheer exhuberance of it all. He bathed as if no one was watching, his air of confidence  inspiring me to paint him with all his human-like qualities and I swear, if he’d had a swimsuit in real life he wouldn’t care what others thought about him and he’d wear it with great gusto!

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