Catz 'n' Dogz and Birdz by Julz

"Julz" is a pen name and trademark for the "Catz'n'Dogz" and "Birdz"

series of Paintings and Fine Art Prints by Julia Drake.


Artist Quote: "These  "Animalz" are purely created from my imagination, I do not use any reference and do not feel consciously influenced

by any other sources such as animated films. The ideas for these come to me, so clearly and speedily, that usually first thing in the morning

and even whilst sitting up in bed, I have simply taken out a pen and paper and started sketching them up! It's the weirdest and strangest

compulsion really! I feel that these "Animalz" have a life of their own, they even have names already! For a full-time and "serious" landscape

and figurative painter, I'm quite taken by surprise by this joyful and spontaneous side to my art , a somewhat alter-ego of myself?! "

"My sincerest wish is that these "Catz'n'Dogz'' and "Birdz" will make you feel good, bring a smile and perhaps even make you laugh".


Please Note: All originals of the "Animalz" series, to date, are sold.

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